Preheaters & Dryers

Customers spread around the world stand for INTECO PTI's excellent service. A selected list of reference projects allow a small glimpse on the world of INTECO PTI. Many of the projects listed below have been carried out in cooperation with other members of the INTECO Group.


American Stainless, SC, USA

Customer: American Stainless, SC, USA
Scope of Supply: 1 Ladle Preheater;

Gallatin Steel, KY, USA

Customer: Gallatin Steel, KY, USA
Scope of Supply: 1 Enclosed Ladle Dryer;

Nucor Norfolk, NE, USA

Customer: Nucor Norfolk, NE, USA
Scope of Supply: 1 Tundish Dryer;

Nucor Memphis, TN, USA

Customer: Nucor Memphis, TN, USA
Scope of Supply: 2 Tundish Preheaters

Gerdau Sayerville, NJ, USA

Customer: Gerdau Sayerville, NJ, USA
Scope of Supply: 1 Ladle Dryer;