Temperature Measurement & Metallurgical Sampling

Based on its JetBOx™ technology, PTI has developed a unique TempBox™ device that addresses the safety issues related to taking temperature measurements and metallurgical samples. 
The conventional method of measuring the steel parameters through the slag door requires the slag door area be cleaned and, with the slag door open, cold air infiltrates into the EAF increasing energy usage. An open slag door is also a potential safety hazard from exposure to possible wild slag reactions inside the EAF and heat. 
INTECO PTI solved the potential safety problems associated with conventional temperature and metallurgical sampling by using a JetBOx™ type of device through the EAF sidewall. This approach protects the operator from exposure to both heat and metal splashing and ensures the EAF door remains closed, saving considerable energy. 
The TempBox™ unit accommodates semi-automated and fully-automated temperature and metallurgical sampling though the side wall and provides a safe environment for steel making personnel.

The main features and advantages of INTECO PTI’s TempBox™ are:

  • Improves operator safety
  • Holds more slag in the EAF longer with closed slag door operation
  • Reduces yield loss
  • Takes temperature & metallurgical samples earlier in the process
  • Improved sample quality and reliability