SwingDoor System

Electric Arc Furnace

The INTECO PTI SwingDoorTM is designed for modern EAF operation. The system is specifically made to allow the EAF to operate with a closed slag door which noteably improves operator safety. The position of the SwingDoorTM prevents scrap from accumulating in the slag door area and furnace breast. The new system does not require the slag door area to be cleaned during the EAF melting cycle. It is designed to maintain a thick layer of slag in the furnace. This improves are efficiency, reduces energy and additive consumption allowing the operator to control the slag level in the furnace during the whole melting time.

The main features and advantages of INTECO PTI’s SwingDoorTM are:

  • Avoids furnace door tunnel
  • Charging and melting with door closed
  • No scrap falling to EAF breast
  • Self clearing feature with integrated burner – no scrap pushing from the door
  • Controlled deslagging – stops slag flow by door closing
  • Up to 1 m consistent slag layer in the furnace 
  • Improved yield and energy use
  • Reliable robust design – low maintenance
  • Easy installation for any furnace shell
  • Fast payback
  • Main purpose: Operator safety