Spare Parts & Repairs

Electroslag Remelting

We know that you can’t afford long down times.  Also, your busy schedule just doesn’t allow you to search for spare parts or quality repair services.  So, INTECO PTI has you covered.  After all, who is better at repairing your critical combustion system components than the craftsmen that built them in the first place?  Our service team has the ability to receive components, refurbished to original specifications and make them ready for immediate use to fit any maintenance or down time schedule.  And, if it is just spare parts you are looking for, INTECO PTI maintains a complete inventory of all of the quality components that make up each of our product offerings, all at competitive prices.


You know your schedule.  You know what components you need.  INTECO PTI is now offering a system that guarantees you will have your needed parts just in time!  Just call us and together we will determine a parts list and shipping schedule to match you requirements.   PTI will automatically fill you orders and ship them to you to arrive right on time for your plant shutdown or maintenance schedule.  For new users, INTECO PTI is offering a 5% discount on consignments parts for the first full year!  Give it a try.


Unfortunately, sometimes things break down and sometimes you need something from PTI yesterday.  We understand!  This is why PTI offers an order expediting system. For a reasonable fee, you order can go to the “front of the line”.  We will get your order out to you within 72 hours, depending on the quantity of material ordered.   We know downtime costs money.  Here is a way to get “back on track” in a hurry.


If you need extra help, we can send one or more of our qualified engineers or technicians to solve your in-house issues on-site.  Whether it is a tune up of an existing PTI system, or a new interface for any automated system, PTI’s staff has the know how and experience to quickly solve your problems.  With a complete staff of process engineers, electrical engineers, automation specialists, and service technicians, PTI has the horsepower to get your job done!  PTI will also gladly quote on repairs for equipment not produced by PTI.