Preheaters & Dryers


Ladle & Tundish Preheaters

INTECO PTI has a full line of dryers, preheaters, and combustion skids fitting any layout and budget. They contain reliable starting mechanisms which will start every time. The PLC controls allow variable firing rates and individual control of gas and oxygen profiles. This leads to better control results in less energy usage and increases cost savings. Each INTECO PTI preheater comes with a visible alarm beacon and a self-diagnostic system, allowing maintenance staff to quickly identify and correct any problems that may arise.

The main features and advantages of INTECO PTI’s ladle & tundish preheaters are:

  • Units can function as dryers&preheaters
  • Lids have compressible ceramic refractory for a better seal
  • Both oxy-fuel and air-fuel designs are available
  • PLC controls allow inputs to be fine tuned
  • Individual flow controls for fuel and oxygen save money
  • Variable firing rates give better control over gas usage
  • Self-diagnostic system with alarms
Enclosed Preheater

One of the main safety hazards of drying ladles is the fumes and noxious gases that are given off during the drying process. These fumes can harm the operators, who have to work near the ladle, by causing eye, throat and lung irritation. The INTECO PTI enclosed ladle dryer eliminates the fumes that escape through the outside of the ladle. The fumes are captured by placing the ladle into a box. The air between the outside of the ladle and the box is drawn into the combustion air stream along with the fumes.The fumes are then burned in the preheater flame.

The main features and advantages of INTECO PTI’s enclosed preheaters are:

  • Increased operator safety through elimination of harmful fumes
  • Completely closed ladle
  • Fumes around outside of ladle are captured and burnt
  • Secondary fan controls exhaust draw through ladle
  • PLC control to ensure proper drying of ladle
  • Self-diagnostic system with alarms