Gas Coupling System

As the offical representative of INTECO TBR, the INTECO Groups centre of expertise for casting, INTECO PTI is also proud to offer you this innovative gas coupling system, which connects the stirring gas supply automatically by placing the ladle on the ladle car or on the ladle stand.

  • By placing the ladle on its station via a crane, the upper and lower part are pressed together and the stirring gas supply is connected automatically.
  • The rapid gas coupling system consists of a lower section which is installed on the ladle car etc. and an upper section which is fixed on each ladle.
  • The ladle has to be centred in order to ensure ladle positioning within the required tolerances.

Combined system: The gas control unit supplies the precise quantity of stirring gas, irrespective of back pressure.


  • Single Coupling  Type GCV 6  for one line (Mini)
  • Single Coupling  Type GCV 10  for one line (Compact application)
  • Single Coupling  Type GCV 11  for one line
  • Dual Coupling  Type GCV 20  for two lines
  • Triple Coupling  Type GCV 30  for three lines

This high temperature solution enables the application in VD-and VOD-plants.