Consulting & Process Optimization

How to find the right technology to fit the unique requirements of each melt shop and how to find the expertise needed to effectively integrate this technology into the process? INTECO PTI offers a solution to this situation: INTECO PTI has experienced operators, metallurgists, automation and controls engineers on staff that can help fill in the gaps in any company. Whether supplying equipment that guarantees energy savings or services that guarantee process improvements, PTI is dedicated to delivering the best value.  Our goal is to deliver a complete solution that identifies all of the costs and resources needed to complete the job.  Working with PTI will bring the following benefits to your team:

  • Independent view of the operation
  • Externally benchmark best practices
  • Identify the best technology
  • Focus on melt shop energy and process efficiency

The needs of each plant differ and change over time.  PTI offers several types of services to meet the specific issues facing each process.

Project Management

Whatever the size or scope of the project, INTECO PTI can help find a solution.  For each project, in addition to installation of required equipment, there are utilities to consider, mechanical and electrical installation, in house and outside resources to manage as well as startup and integration into the process.  INTECO PTI is an expert at breaking a project down into its component parts while identifying the manpower, equipment and resources needed to design, install and integrate these parts into the process. INTECO PTI can then manage as much or a little of the project as needed to ensure that the identified ROI is achieved.

Process Evaluation

While some problems are obvious, others need a thorough, targeted analysis to determine the root cause and identify the most effective solution.  Our process experts have installed equipment in more than 85 steel mills all over the world.  Their experience can provide an independent view of your operation that can deliver new insights into the routine processes that surround and interact with your melt shop.  Our engineers and metallurgists can work with and for your team to conduct a systematic analysis of a specific process or the whole melt shop.  INTECO PTI works for you to accomplish your targeted goals.

INTECO PTI brings the highest value to the melt shop by working on the projects that you want accomplished.  INTECO PTI is not just a consulting company.  We design and build our own equipment.  When bringing a solution to the shop, we bring the knowledge and expertise gained from melt shop installations all over the world.