Chemical Energy

Burner Types



The PTI JetBurner™ is both a standard oxy-fuel burner and a gas shrouded supersonic oxygen injector. Its produces a highly efficient flame and enables the oxygen to travel in a thight stream over a large distance. The nominal capacity of each burner is 4.5 MW (15.0 MMBtu/hr). Each JetBurner™ is designed to operate in a supersonic oxygen lancing mode with an oxygen flow rate up to 5,100 Nm3/hr (3,170 scfm) and incorporates cooling water temperature monitoring. INTECO PTI JetBurners™ have been designed to meet the unique conditions and requirements of modern EAFs. The design has been proven to minimize plugging of the burner's openings during the operation.

The main features and advantages of JetBurner™are: 

  • Typical burner power up to 5 MW
  • Larger, custom burner sizes are available
  • Several fuel types available: natural gas,  LPG & Diesel
  • Sizes from 450 SCFM (720 Nm³/h) up to 2800 SCFM (4500 Nm³/h)
  • Fits the standard INTECO PTI sidewall
Annulus Burner

The PTI Annulus Injector is an innovative technology that combines material injection with both burner mode and supersonic oxygen injection. The material is center fed through the burner injector to allow high flow rates of material that are delivered directly to the slag metal interface.

The main features and advantages of INTECO PTI’s miniJetBOxTM are:

  • Typical burner capacity up to 5MW
  • Several fuel types available: natural gas, LPG & Diesel
  • Supersonic oxygen up to 1800 SCFM (3000 Nm³/h)
  • Fits into the standard INTECO PTI sidewall gland or PTI JetBOxTM
  • Attaches to any standard INTECO PTI combustion chamber
  • Comes in 2 sizes (1.5” & 2.0”)
Sump Burner

PTI developed a burner that fits into any type of EAF sump area and is designed to keep the sump and liquid steel tap hole area from filling with scrap or slag and adds additional energy into the scrap, if required. The burner capacity is limited by the application and typically does not exceed 3.0 MW (10.2 MMBtu/hr). The flame direction can be adjusted during the start-up by rotating the burner inside its water cooled gland. The sump burner is controlled by the same flow control train as other INTECO PTI EAF burners and is a part of the automated chemical energy system. The sump burner is interchangeable with all other INTECO PTI burners/injectors on the EAF.

The main features and advantages of INTECO PTI’s Sump burner are:

  • Fits into any type of EAF sump area
  • Adjustable flame direction
  • Controlled by INTECO PTI flow control train
  • Interchangeable with all other burners/injectors