Chemical Energy

Chemical Energy


Valve Trains

PTI's unique injector and train design not only saves capital cost during project installation, but also decreases operational cost for the life of the equipment, including on the valve train.

Most supersonic oxygen injectors require two oxygen and one fuel line to be attached to each injector. PTI's supersonic injector requires only one oxygen and one fuel line. This reduces INTECO PTI's control trains to only two control lines per injector. With one less oxygen line attached to each injector there is one less control for each injector on the control train, one less line on which to perform maintenance and one less set of spare parts to inventory.

INTECO PTI's control trains have individual control zones for oxygen and fuel with spare capacity for future installation of additional injectors. All piping is made from stainless steel.

The instrumentation and valves normally do not require any maintenance during operation after the initial startup. However, should maintenance or troubleshooting ever be required, INTECO PTI's flow control train is designed for easy access to guarantee fast system service. All valve trains are built fully, tested and calibrated at INTECO PTI's facility.

Control System

INTECO PTI provides a comprehensive and fully integrated automation system, designed and constructed in-house. The control system is customer specific ensuring seamless integration with existing equipment systems. We work with all types of PLC, HMI, and industrial networks. INTECO PTI can also seamlessly retrofit equipment into existing control systems with embedded software. 

The INTECO PTI control system provides a robust and easy to understand interface for the operator to manage safety startup, and shutdown, operation modes, alarms and troubleshooting. INTECO PTI provides an integrated combustion control solution with greater than 97% automatic mode operation allowing the operator to focus on the process. 

Furthermore it is developed to operate with multiple auto profiles that can follow key process inputs. The profiles will also accommodate the material injection systems to ensure optimal control of combustion and material injection timing. The sequence can be setup to automatically avoid potential limitations of gas and oxygen availability preventing costly utility charges. 

All INTECO PTI control systems are 100% assembled, fully function tested and calibrated at our facility to reduce installation and startup time. During commissioning INTECO PTI provides validation of all safety functions and provides comprehensive maintenance and operations training to ensure safe and reliable operation.