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Frisa in Mexico has ordered from INTECO PTI the equipment supply and engineering services to add a N2 Lance (incl. a gas control system) to the existing VOD to allow production of higher N2 grade steel.  

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Another Nucor division orders new Gas Coupling System

The system will consist of 8 basic (lower) sets as well as 8 ladle (upper) sets, that will equip the entire ladle fleet in the melt shop. The order includes engineering, installation supervision and start-up.

The INTECO PTI gas coupling system is the original system and is the quickest, safest, most reliable and most maintenance friendly automatic connection device for the stirring gas supply to the steel ladle available on the market. 

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VTD revamping package for Nucor Steel Norfolk

INTECO PTI has recently secured a significant project at Nucor Nebraska, involving the revamping of their existing 110t VD plant. 

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Horizontal ladle preheater upgrade

Nucor Arkansas has ordered a customized ladle preheater upgrade package from INTECO PTI. 

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Two new tundish preheaters for Gerdau Catersville

Gerdau Cartersville in GA has placed an order with INTECO PTI for 2 new Tundish Preheaters.  The New Tundish Preheaters will include combustion air and natural gas control lines and three 3.0 MM BTU Natural Gas Burners.  

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