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VTD revamping package for Nucor Steel Norfolk

INTECO PTI has recently secured a significant project at Nucor Nebraska, involving the revamping of their existing 110t VD plant. The scope of the project encompasses the delivery of a new vacuum cover and cover car, alongside the installation of INTECO's cutting-edge central socket, opening for wire feeder and alloy system, an advanced temperature and sampling robot, and the implementation of INTECO's highly sophisticated gas coupling system. These enhancements promise to elevate both the efficiency and operator safety standards of the VD plant. As far as digital solutions and smart production are concerned our INTECO IMAS process automation application solution for VD will provide a highly efficient process control. The results of the well proven metallurgical online models will be enhanced by the analytics of the smart process camera, which is a fixed vacuum-tight solution for integration into its upper part of the vessel. Both options, the optical and the thermal-imaging variant provide an automatic overboiling detection as well as steel surface recognition for automatic stirring adaption. This allows highest production rates with minimized risk and supports highly automated production.

INTECO PTI will be closely working together with the VD experts from the INTECO headquarters in Austria who have already initiated the engineering process for this tailored upgrade, with installation planned to commence in mid-2025. Reflecting on the successful collaboration experienced during the Nucor Darlington VD project a few years ago, both supplier and customer are confident that this endeavor will yield similar triumphs.

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