Chemical Energy

Deacero Celaya ordered two new Temp and Sample Manipulators

Deacero Celaya in Mexico ordered two new Temp and Sample Manipulators from INTECO PTI.  Each manipulator is designed to measure temperature and oxygen of liquid steel and take a metallurgical sample via the slag door.  This will greatly improve operator safety by keeping a person away from the slag door area. 

The Robot consists of rotating column with axial bearing fixed to the foundation frame attached to the platform.  The column is rotated by hydraulic motor from park to measurement position. The main column also integrates necessary power, cooling water and hydraulics supply connections. Electrical junction box is fixed to the column structure to connect power and measurement device connector.

Swiveling arm with bearing is attached to the main column. The arm is water cooled and serves as tool to insert the sampling pole to the steel. Pole is immersed by hydraulic cylinder attached to the main column. PTI will supply hydraulic valve stand to be connected to central EAF hydraulic system to power the manipulator. The system is fitted with position transmitter which controls depth of pole immersion to the steel. The System control will be integrated to the main PLC cabinet of PTI system and visualized at HMI.

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