Chemical Energy

Ladle Carbon Injection System for Gerdau Charlotte

Gerdau Charlotte has purchased a material injection system from INTECO PTI to add carbon to the ladle at their LMF. This system will be incorporated along with the recently announced LMF Upgrade Project being supplied by INTECO as well.  The system stores carbon in a hopper, which is filled by super sack.  Also included in the system is a 100 cuft vessel that holds 4000 lbs of carbon, along with the transport piping from the vessel to the ladle stirring area.  An HMI screen allows the operator to select the amount of material injected into the ladle that is desired.  The material injection system has many benefits, including the protection of operators by eliminating the handling of manually added bags.  The new system will also increase the accuracy of the material added to the ladle, which will result in final carbon levels in the steel that are closer to the target specification.

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