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Metal Ravne orders EAF Revamping at INTECO

In March METAL RAVNE has awarded INTECO with the complete revamping of its 1991 FUCHS EAF furnace.

EAF Revamping at Metal Ravne

In March Metal Ravne awarded INTECO with the complete revamping of its 1991 FUCHS EAF furnace.

INTECO will convert their old 45t EAF into a furnace that matches today’s technology standards by implementing state of the art injection technology, a new SwingDoor, an off gas pressure monitoring system, a new automation system (the ISEC electrode regulation system), and a robotic device for temperature readings and sampling.

The revamping will result in higher operator safety, an increase of the overall performance, and a fully reproducible and customizable EAF process control. This is crucial for high quality steel plants, where steel grades and related operational practices change at every heat.

The project will be carried out by INTECO special melting technologies, and will be supported by INTECO PTI.  INTECO will handle the automation for electrical, and automation engineering, as well as electrode control. INTECO PTI supplies the injection technology, as well as the SwingDoor. This is a great opportunity for INTECO to show the varied skills of their group members, but most importantly, the competence, expertise, and teamwork available for the customer. Due to the long-term relationship with Metal Ravne and the great cooperation throughout the past years, a successful EAF furnace will surely be in place in the beginning of August 2015.

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