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Nucor Berkeley JetBOx Trial

Nucor Berkeley recently issued a purchase order to INTECO PTI for a type 387 cast JetBox and a new replaceable front face JetBox that will be comprised of a cast body and a forged copper front face.  The replaceable front face of the JetBOx can be removed and replaced from the cold side of the furnace.  The purchase order also included six (6) INTECO PTI supersonic burners.

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Nucor Birmingham - JetBOX Trial

Nucor Birmingham recently issued a purchase order to conduct trials on the INTECO PTI forged miniJetBOx.  The forged miniJetBOx is constructed from forged copper, and is 18 inches (457mm) wide, 29.5 inches (750mm) high, and 16 inches (405mm) deep.  The miniJetBOx is 60% smaller than the standard JetBOx, but still holds a full size INTECO PTI burner and also has a material injection port.  Nucor Birmingham will install the first miniJetBOx in early May and will operate the JetBOx until the end of July, then assess the value of the miniJetBOx to their process.

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Gerdau Knoxville Lime Injection System

Gerdau Knoxville in Tennesse, USA has ordered a lime injection system for their consteel EAF.  The system consists of engineering for the project, a 150 cuft injection vessel, and a water cooled injection port on the EAF sidewall.   Their current method of adding lime to the consteel scrap conveyor results in a high loss of lime to the offgas system.  The switch to sidewall injection of lime is expected to reduce lime consumption and increase control over the slag chemistry.

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Steel Dynamics Inc. Butler Plant to recieve new INTECO PTI lime injection system

In early 2015, Carmeuse, an American quicklime supplier, approached INTECO PTI, asking them to come up with an injection system specifically designed for their client, SDI Butler.

Steel Dynamics, Inc  (SDI), located in Butler, Indiana, is a 3 million ton per year,  flat rolled, hot strip steel mill, with four electric arc furnaces (EAF).  The facility uses over 80,000 tons per year of dolomitic pebble quicklime. The current practice of adding the quicklime to the scrap charge bucket results in quicklime dust lost during bucket charging and to the baghouse.  The dust is lost because the quicklime is degraded to powder in transportation and storage handling systems. This situation not only wastes quicklime, but also causes unsafe housekeeping issues, since exposure to ambient quicklime dust irritates workers' eyes, skin, and respiratory systems.

 INTECO PTI had the right burner and injection design specific for SDI’s needs, increasing not only their efficiency, but also their operators' safety- and therefore was awarded with the contract for the supply of new injection systems for all four EAF furnaces.

 With this new technology, the steelmarkers at SDI can precisely add combustion and fluxing materials to the steelmaking process as it occurs. The INTECO PTI injection method delivers lime material directly into the bath, which dramatically lowers waste that was previously lost to the baghouse system. The INTECO PTI Injection system uses smaller top size quicklime products at 3/8” as opposed to the pebble products used for top charging, which are ¾”. The injection quicklime is delivered in a pneumatic truck, blown into sealed storage bins and transferred to the furnace through an airtight system to avoid losing dust to the working areas of the shop. The final injection into the furnace is so exact that it delivers almost 100% of the quicklime to the steel bath/slag interface, precisely where it is needed.

This project is a wonderful example of a three way partnership and the powerful changes which can be effected when companies cooperate and work to find the best solution for all involved. This is a real life example of a Win, Win, Win.

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Frisa EAF produces first ingot

PTI  congratulates all the hard working employees of Frisa Forjados, located in Monterrey, Mexico, for casting their first ingot with their new INTECO melt shop.

PTI delivered a comlete chemical energy system- MiniJetboxes, Lime injection burners, lime injection system, carbon injection burners, carbon injection system, oxy/fuel valve train, and swingdoor for the Frisa EAF.

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