Chemical Energy


Frisa EAF produces first ingot

PTI  congratulates all the hard working employees of Frisa Forjados, located in Monterrey, Mexico, for casting their first ingot with their new INTECO melt shop.

PTI delivered a comlete chemical energy system- MiniJetboxes, Lime injection burners, lime injection system, carbon injection burners, carbon injection system, oxy/fuel valve train, and swingdoor for the Frisa EAF.

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CMC Arizona receive new Preheater Skids

CMC Arizona received two horizontal ladle preheater skids from INTECO PTI.  The Air/Fuel control skids and new Air/Fuel burners will replace their original oxy/fuel control skids and burners.  The new Air/Fuel burners provide a lower temperature flame, which helps keep NOx formation to a minimum while still allowing the ladles to be pre-heated.  In addition, the lower temperature flame reduces the stress on the refractory and helps increase ladle service life.

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Finkle & Sons Enclosed Ladle Preheater

Lift On Ladle Dryer Lid with Post Combustion

Finkle & Sons, a specialty steel maker located south of Chicago, IL, USA, has purchased the engineering, equipment, and project management from INTECO PTI for the delivery and installation of an enclosed ladle preheater.  The enclosed ladle preheater is designed to capture the VOC gases emitted during the ladle drying process, then burn these gases in order to comply with local environmental regulations.  An existing ladle repair pit will be used as the location for the preheater.  Two thirds of the ladle will sit inside the pit while the rest is exposed above. 

The project  purchased includes the design, engineering, and project management to enclose the exposed sides of the pit and create an upper wall to enclose the exposed ladle that sits above the pit.  INTECO PTI will also deliver a lift on refractory lid that sits atop the ladle enclosure and allows a standard air/fuel burner to preheat and dry the bricks on the inside of the ladle.  The VOC gases escaping outside the ladle and the gases from the air/fuel burner firing inside the ladle are captured and blown into a post combustion chamber.  An oxy-fuel burner in the post combustion chamber fires into the mixture of ladle exhaust and VOC gases, burning all remaining CO and VOC gases while minimizing NOx formation.

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INTECO PTI at Metal Ravne

Metal Ravne (Slovenia, EU) completed an upgrade of the INTECO PTI Swing Door system installed on the EAF last year.  steel plant representatives.

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New INTECO PTI Swingdoor at Marienhütte Graz

Marienhütte Graz (Austria, EU) lately installed the INTECO PTI Swing Door system on the existing EAF. 

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