Chemical Energy


Ladle Dryer and Ladle Preheater for Gerdau Midlothian, USA

Gerdau Midlothian, located in Midlothian, Texas, USA, has purchased the second fully custom designed ladle dryer from INTECO PTI. The ladle dryer is designed to allow the ladle carrier to deliver a ladle directly under the preheater, where the ladle lid is vertically lowered onto the ladle for drying. 

The air/fuel burner control system is designed to follow the recommended drying profile by the refractory supplier. The user-friendly HMI based control system is provides clear information on the status of the preheat or dry-out cycle.

The aim of this investment was to deliver a fully dried ladle to the melt shop using the least amount of fuel. These demands could be fulfilled in the best way.

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Chinese Steel Mill, Jianyin Huarun, orders chemical energy equipment

Jianyin Huarun (former known as China Ressources), located in China, has ordered a complete revamp of their chemical energy system for their electric furnace. The INTECO PTI chemical energy system will include 4 JetBOxes™ with material injection ports, 4 supersonic burners, a gas train with PLC controls, and the operator HMI system. All equipment will be on site by end of November 2018 and start up will be before Christmas 2018.

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Phoenix Steel Swingdoor Project

Phoenix Steel located near Kunming, China has ordered INTECO PTI’s SwingDoor system for their 140 ton Consteel EAF.  In January of 2018 Phoenix Steel successfully commissioned four (4) jetboxes and burners along with a three (3) outlet carbon injection system from INTECO PTI.  The SwingDoor will help improve foamy slag control by keeping the slag door closed for almost the entire heat.  The slag door will only be opened for temperature / steel samples and de-slagging.   By keeping the slag door closed, less energy is lost, less carbon is consumed and more yield is conserved.  The equipment is scheduled to be delivered in late 2018 and start up is anticipated for early 2019.

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Nucor Steel Birmingham Lime Injection Project

Nucor Steel Birmingham has awarded INTECO PTI a Purchase Order to install pneumatic lime injection at the EAF.   The project includes one (1) 100 cuft injection vessel.  Both High Cal and Dolomitic Lime from separate silos are mixed into the single injection vessel.  The lime will be introduced into the EAF through INTECO PTI’s annulus material injection burner.  The burner is capable of introducing up to 5 MW of chemical energy into the furnace and can inject supersonic oxygen into the process along with pneumatically injecting lime through the center of the burner.  This will increase the number of JetBOxes installed in the EAF from two to three.  The project is expected to reduce lime consumption due to spillage from the current material handling system.  The expected installation and start-up date is the fourth quarter of 2018.

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Nucor Kankakee EAF Chemical Energy Project

INTECO PTI was awarded the contract to install a chemical energy system into the EAF at Nucor Kankakee.  The furnace at Nucor Kankakee has never used chemical energy in the EAF.  The new system is composed of a valve train for oxygen and gas flow control, PLC supervisory system and three JetBOxes and burners installed on the EAF sidewall.  The equipment delivery date is August and the system start up is expected in September. 

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