Chemical Energy


New Swing Door for a major customer in the southeast

INTECO PTI received an order from a major steel maker in the Southeast for the equipment supply, start up and commissioning of a Swing Door technology package for their EAF.

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Deacero Celaya ordered two new Temp and Sample Manipulators

Deacero Celaya in Mexico ordered  two new Temp and Sample Manipulators from INTECO PTI.  Each manipulator is designed to measure temperature and oxygen of liquid steel and take a metallurgical sample via the slag door.  This will greatly improve operator safety by keeping a person away from the slag door area. 

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Nucor West Virginia orders new Chemical Energy System

Nucor West Virginia which will be located in Apple Grove, WV has ordered a Chemical Energy System for their 2 DC EAF´s from Inteco PTI

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New Order: Tailor Made Injection System for existing EAF

SSAB AL has purchased a material injection system from INTECO PTI to add carbon into their EAF.  

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SDI Pittsboro, IN orders a JetBOx and a burner system

SDI Pittsboro, IN has ordered a Chemical Energy System for their EAF from Inteco PTI. The order includes forged machined JetBoxes and Burners as well as automation and process support during start up and commissioning.

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