Chemical Energy

INTECO PTI the company

INTECO PTI Process Technology International,LLC has supplied chemical energy systems for the steel industry in particular for Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF), including oxy-fuel burners, material injection systems, control and automation systems, preheating and drying combustion systems, since 1993. The company employs a motivated team of qualified engineers, metallurgists, technical support personnel and fabricators thoroughly experienced in the steel industry to satisfy the customer's demands.

INTECO PTI is committed to provide customers with full service combustion and injection applications including design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, commissioning, training and process optimization for all PTI's products. With subsidiaries in Europe and in Shanghai, INTECO PTI is able to offer its customers around the world all services they need at a competitive price and within a defined budget.

With over 20 USA and foreign patents, multiple patents pending, and multi process know-how, PTI is always trying to find the most innovative customer solution.

In 2013 INTECO PTI became a member of the INTECO Group. With this step 20 years of experience joined an internationally successful and renowned group offering steel plant technology for all production processes such as melting, refining, casting and remelting. 
Within the INTECO Group PTI’s core competences of course lie within the area of high technological appliances in particular chemical energy systems for INTECO Fuchs’s Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF’s) with the aim to increase efficiency, productivity and safety. This great synergies with other members of the INTECO Group have already been used for several successful projects.

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