Chemical Energy

An upgrade for efficiency and safety

In August Gerdau Charlotte NC awarded the INTECO Group with the upgrade of their existing 40t Ladle Metallurgical Station.

There are several reasons Gerdau opted for this modernization as this project will not only increase overall efficiency and productivity of the plant but will also improve operator safety and ergonomics. And its INTECO’s engineers and their innovative technology that will make this happen.

The ladle metallurgical station will receive a new LMS roof. Its special and extraordinary design with side draft suction channels as well as controlled air draft ensures a protected atmosphere above the liquid steel level, and therefore reduces reoxidation of steel and slag as well as minimizes the consumption of electrodes. A great tool to save costs and resources.

The automatic alloy addition system eliminates the manual shovelling and weighing of alloys not only increasing efficiency but also improving safety and ergonomics for the operator. And here is how it works: The alloys will be delivered by a bucket belt conveyor that brings the material from underneath the storage bins to a Swivelling Chute on the LMS roof that can be moved into operating position when the roof is lowered. 

A further tool to be implemented for greater operator safety is the temperature and sampling manipulator. This manipulator reduces exposure to an aggressive and dangerous environment with high temperatures and minimizes the operator’s direct intervention.  While also ensuring consistent temperature and sampling results by precise repeatability of manipulator. 

Of course, INTECO PTI will also provide the respective software application as well as an Human Machine Interface upgrade for easier operator functionality.

INTECO PTI is very excited to carry out yet another successful project with a member of the Gerdau Group, which has been a true customer for a lifetime. The modernization of the metallurgical unit and therefore efficiency and productivity increase will take place during a shut down in April 2022.

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