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Multiple Ladle Preheater Upgrades fror Nucor Norfolk

Nucor Norfolk has ordered a customized horizontal ladle preheater upgrade package from INTECO PTI. 

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New orders from Nucor Hertford

Nucor Hertford orders multiple Ladle Heater upgrades and a new Tundish Dryer from INTECO PTI.

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Ladle Carbon Injection System for Gerdau Charlotte

Gerdau Charlotte has purchased a material injection system from INTECO PTI to add carbon to the ladle at their LMF. This system will be incorporated along with the recently announced LMF Upgrade Project being supplied by INTECO as well. 

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New order: Enclosed vertical ladle dryer

Nucor orders INTECO PTI enclosed ladle heater/dryer for their mill in Norfolk, Nebraska. 

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New Order for a complete EAF upgrade technology package

A major asian stainless-steel producer has awarded INTECO PTI a complete state-of-the-art eaf upgrade technology package

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